My Street Cliche

I still have this disturbing thought about “street photography” in my head.
The thought is: the street photography is a cliche.
But it depends…on answering one question.

P6040191_film noir 3_silver efex
Hodonovice, Czech Republic, 6/2016

The question is: why did I take this photo?
This is where I understand the difference between making photo and taking photo….
When I make the photo, I did answered the question why….
When I take the photo, I didn’t answered the question why….
So why?
Why did I photograph that?
Why did I press the shutter button?
Many times I realize that only reason of capturing something is…
…because I can….
To prove myself that I can make this photo
To prove that I can take a photo of people on the street
This is the problem of mine.
Because, I am taking photos of people on the streets….

P6050261_film noir 3_silver efex
Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic, 6/2016

I am only adding with just another cliche photo to the “word wide street photo database”.

There is this interesting article  Street Photography Cliches That Are Impossible To Resist with list of cliches of what people do when doing street photography. I do many, if not all, of this myself.

The important is the conclusion they made:

When you look at the world with interest instead of looking for photographs in the world then cliches seem to disappear.

Calm down

Should calm down.
Double archive.
Process, process, process.
Publish photos.
Publish blog posts.
Make book well.
So little time.

P7012584_film noir 3 Brno, Czech Republic, 7/2016

P7012595_film noir 1
Brno, Czech Republic, 7/2016

P7012527_film noir 3
Brno, Czech Republic, 7/2016

About Bubbles

About bubbles.
Metaphorically, of course.
We all live in our own bubble. Don’t we?
Bubble is a little place were I can live and be praise, accepted and where I feel good.
Friends on social media is a bubble.
You hang out with people with similar interests, opinions and likes.
You are in opinion bubble.
You probably will be praised and hardly ever criticized.
Sometimes, when I feel to fight, I go ahead into the discomfort.
I would post photos to other photo communities, where I know the opinion will not be pleasing.
Sometimes I do that.

Tram driver greeting another tram driver in opposite direction….

P7012604_film noir 1
Brno, Czech Republic, 7/2016

Bored exchange office worker. Bored while waiting for customers.

P7012585_film noir 1
Brno, Czech Republic, 7/2016

Underpass by Brno train station. This band was playing so loud…

P7012565_film noir 3
Brno, Czech Republic, 7/2016

99,9 %

Does the digital  photo exist?
Is a digital print equivalent to printed photograph?
What is a digital print?

Brno, Czech Republic,7/2016

If I burn a print from lab, it doesn’t exist any more.
If I format a hard drive with photos, it doesn’t exist either.
So, choice is only about sensual experience of viewing.
Also about archiving a photo in long term.

Brno, Czech Republic,7/2016

And about usability.
I don’t know if I will be able to view my jpegs in the future.

Brno, Czech Republic,7/2016

99,9 % of my photos are digital
File xxx-xxxx.jpeg  is not a photo
It is a photo when it gets displayed on the screen.
On contrary, it is ridiculous how much paper and ink is thrown away to print advertisements of food, electronics, etc.
Everyday in my post box.

Week Of Life

Dear digital paper, dear online space…

I wanted to tell you a couple of things that are going on. First, need to say, that after my yesterday’s worries about my photo book, it started finally moving.

P7012529_film noir 1
Brno, Czech Republic, 7/2016

Working on it, writing, adding a photo content. I was impatient, trying to skip the process and see the result.

P7012544_film noir 1 Brno, Czech Republic, 7/2016

Problem was detected. So, the story has begun.

P7012540_film noir 3 vyrovnani
Brno, Czech Republic, 7/2016

Something that grabbed my attention – Week Of Life ( I know, it has been here for a while, but it makes sense to me. You basically make series of photos showing a period of 7 days of your life. Every day of the week is 9 photos. You document your life and what you are up to. I thought I am doing same thing  on my blog, but it is not the same. I created an account on this site and I might try to go for it. Anybody tried it?

Book Status: Zero

Book agony.
Book making agony.
I have been “making” book since June, but I have nothing so far.
Just photos in the archives.

See my notes from my book folder…

22/6/2016 – selection of photos for “book 2”
22/7/2016 – folder update
22/8/2016 –  selection discarded – will be redone…

(funny, I always recall “book project” on 22nd of each month)

That’s where it is.
I will keep this thrilling story updated.
I know, I started building house by choosing a color of bathroom tiles.
I have bricks, I know how other houses look like.
I should be able to build my house.
Which one is the first brick?
And where should I place it?


This doesn’t need a commentary. I wouldn’t be able to stand like this…

P6302356_film noir 1_vyrovnani_bez vinetace
Kojetin, Czech Republic, 6/2016

People and their ice creams. Don’t people eat ice cream more and more?

P7012574_film noir 3
Brno, Czech Republic, 7/2016

Yes, I think they do. I don’t.

P7012569_film noir 3
Brno, Czech Republic, 7/2016

See you in my next blog post…

Conductors, Coca-Cola and Hot Dog

The photo below is from train station in Kojetin. We were waiting for our train to Brno. I had a camera in my head. My wife and suitcase were in the waiting room inside. I was walking around. These two man are conductors. They just stepped out of the employees only area. Equipped with snacks and something to read.

Kojetin, Czech Republic, 6/2016

Not sure what exactly was going on here. There were some preparations for a performance on the street. Something like that. I wanted to have the guy more on the left. I clicked too late I thought. Looking now, I like it as it is better. Guy leaving the frame…and legs behind the curtain.

Brno, Czech Republic, 7/2016

Yes, I saw hot dog “think bubble” and I wanted to include the guy. Actually, I realized it is a “think bubble” going from his head after I checked LCD screen after I clicked. I made more shots, but I never succeeded to make a think bubble going from people’s head again. So this worked out naturally.  Sign “Maso” stands for meat.

Brno, Czech Republic, 7/2016

I noticed they write “TO GO” everywhere. It is probably a fashion and new trend. Probably sells better. Never saw a sign “hot dogs to sit”.

To Be On The Road

Should I stop numbering my blog posts? Saturday morning idea at the end of my holiday. Perhaps, I will stop doing that.

Also, with advice of Helge B. from Flickr I started playing with my blog design and checked possibilities to insert my photos wider.

I succeeded. With this theme – Libre – photos are almost 1/2 wider than before. Cool. And, I inserted them as embedded photos directly from Flickr link. Thus, I can save my storage capacity on WP. Even more cool.

I love traveling by train and I don’t do that so often any more. On the way to to Brno I made couple of through-the-window-photos…. somewhere between Kojetin and Brno.

P6302388_film noir 1
Morava, Czech Republic, 7/2016

I just love to observe landscape through the train window.

P6302374_film noir 1
Morava, Czech Republic, 7/2016

I could travel by train for houres and time stops. It’s poetic and perhaps melancholic.

P6302359_film noir 1
Morava, Czech Republic, 7/2016

It feels good to be on the train. To be on the road and to head somewhere…